Siyuan Yu

Department of Computing Science

University of Alberta

Email: syu3 (at) ualberta (dot) ca

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Siyuan Yu is a M.Sc. student in the SODA Lab, at the University of Alberta and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. Previously, he received his B.Sc. Honors degree from the University of Alberta in 2023. He is grateful to be mentored  by Prof. Xiaoqi Tan.

Broadly, Siyuan works in the realm of economics and computation, algorithmic and behavioural game theory, and decision making under uncertainty. He is drawn to problems that naturally arise in economics, particularly those with incentive dynamics and uncertainty constraints. In the long term, he aims to devise empirically effective yet theoretically robust strategies to applications in resource allocation and mechanism design.

In his downtime, Siyuan finds joy in the world of classical and choral music. Amongst his favourites, Beethoven's Violin Concerto holds a special place in his heart.


Xiaoqi Tan, Siyuan Yu, Raouf Boutaba, and Alberto Leon-Garcia

Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE) 2023

Ying Cao, Siyuan Yu, Xiaoqi Tan, and Danny H.K. Tsang

IFIP Performance 2023

Xiaoqi Tan, Siyuan Yu, and Raouf Boutaba

ACM MAMA 2022 – in conjunction with ACM SIGMETRICS / IFIP Performance 2022

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